Piracy & Ship Attacks June 24, 2010

Kenya opens new fast-track piracy court
With new funding Kenya has opened its court system back up to piracy cases, after turning away cases for months because of a backed up judicial system. The court is being funded to with $5m form several donors, including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the European Union, Australia and Canada. The new courtroom at Shimo la Tewa prison will also take serious criminal cases. Those convicted in this courtroom will serve their sentence at Shino la Tewa prison.

Netherlands sub to join EU NAVFOR
The Netherlands has agreed to a Nato request to deploy a submarine off the coast of Somalia to combat piracy. The submarine will join the Nato-led international flotilla off East Africa.

It will be used for reconnaissance in the area from the Gulf of Aden deep into the Indian Ocean where Somali pirates have been hijacking commercial vessels for ransom.

Piracy attacks are expanding