Photos: LNG Carrier and VLCC Collide at Fujairah Anchorage

Damage to the Shinyo Ocean (Mhmdzaki / Twitter)

By The Maritime Executive 03-27-2019 02:45:01

On the evening of March 24, the LNG carrier Aseem collided with the 280,000 dwt VLCC Shinyo Ocean at the Fujairah anchorage. 

At about 2000 hours on Sunday, the Aseem and Shinyo Ocean were both maneuvering at the edge of the busy anchorage. Aseem was inbound, but AIS data suggests that she executed a round turn to starboard several minutes before the casualty, turning through 270 degrees. At the same time, the approaching Shinyo Ocean executed a 90 degree turn to starboard, which put her in front of Aseem's new trajectory. Based on AIS data, it appears that the two vessels would not have interacted with each other if one or both had maintained their previous courses. 

The Aseem suffered severe damage to her bow, and the Shinyo Ocean was left with a gash on her port bow extending from the rail to below the waterline. The Ocean was in ballast at the time of the collision, and no pollution or injuries were reported. As of Wednesday, the Ocean was still anchored off Fujairah. An investigation into the cause of the casualty continues. 

Damage to the Aseem (Mhmdzaki / Twitter)

Damage to the Shinyo Ocean (Mhmdzaki / Twitter)