Petrobras to Boost Oil Production with Gigantic Helicopters

By MarEx 2011-12-09 15:30:35

Petroleo Brasilero SA (Petrobras) is planning to boost its oil production by more than 50 percent over the course of the next four years. This plan includes huge helicopters, larger than houses, and floating platforms equivalent in length to two football fields.

The company is in demand for these heavy helicopters to move crew and equipment to platforms reasonably far from the coast. Their requests are said to double in 2012 to about 40 helicopters and increase 350 percent over the next nine years. U.S. helicopter lessors are generally benefitting the most from these needs, although Petrobras will not confirm how many helicopters they will need to avoid influencing prices offered. 

Most of these heavy helicopters are up to 60 feet long and roughly 5.5 meters high. They cost up to $18 million.

Petrobras is spending more than any other oil company in developing offshore fields located in the pre-salt area with a $224.7 billion, five-year investment plan through 2015. 

Rigs capable of drilling in ocean depths of over 2,000 meters are in also in demand by Petrobras, expected to grow by almost 150 percent by 2015. Additionally, Petrobras is projecting a 67 percent increase in vessel demand through 2015 in terms of supply and special vessels to support offshore oil platforms.