OceanGuard BWMS of Headway Cracked European High-End Shipping Market

By MarEx 2012-11-19 08:13:00

Following that Headway successfully signed agreements for the Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) projects for Norwegian multi-purpose vessels, Italian luxury cruise and oil tanker from Greece well-known shipping company, Headway cracked European High-end shipping market once again, and got new orders from a Norwegian well-known shipping company, and OceanGuard BWMS will be installed onboard barges.  The frequent access of European market orders proved once again that Headway OceanGuard  BWMS has won wide attention and high recognition of the European market, and the leading ballast water treatment technology has reached international advanced level, highlighting the advantages in competition with European brands.

According to the PIC of technical department of the Norwegian Shipping Company, as the only ballast water management system from China which completed tests successfully in NIVA Facility in Norway– an international renowned institute for ballast water research and test, also the first non-European brand to obtain DNV Type Approval, Headway OceanGuard  BWMS enhanced the confidence of ship owners.  Based on the long-term research and analysis of varieties of different technologies, OceanGuard  BWMS of Headway finally impressed their team for its high efficient sterilization, small footprint, low energy consumption and complete global service system.

Successful signing of this order is another export of OceanGuard  BWMS. In 2011, OceanGuard  BWMS was exported to Italy for the first time, which is the first unit of BWMS in China exported to foreign countries. By now, OceanGuard BWMS is the BWMS in China with the largest export volume and most installation references. At this point, orders and applications of OceanGuard BWMS have covered bulk cargo carrier, container ship, oil tanker, luxury cruise, research vessel, multi-purpose vessel, semi-submerged ship, tug, platform supply vessel, coastal patrol vessel , barge and so on, which can provide a variety of references of design and installation experience for customers.