Object Under Investigation in Argentine Submarine Search

Russia's Panther Plus ROV

By The Maritime Executive 2017-12-25 18:45:04

The Argentine navy is investigating another object found during the search for the missing submarine ARA San Juan. The navy reported on Sunday that an object found will be investigated by the remotely-operated Russian Panther Plus vessel while the U.S. oceanographic research vessel Atlantis continues exploring the search area. 

According to one media source, further objects were found on Sunday and early Monday at different depths.

Other reported contacts have so far been false alarms, with some, found a few weeks ago, being from a sunken fishing boat.

The ARA San Juan disappeared on November 15 with 44 crewmen on board. Her last known location was about 300 miles from Argentina's southern coast. While the international search for the submarine continues, authorities have given up hope of finding survivors. 

The submarine reported a fire after seawater entered the vessel's snorkel and caused a battery to short-circuit. An explosion was detected around the time and place that the submarine last made contact.