Obama Heads To Arctic


Published Aug 18, 2015 5:19 PM by The Maritime Executive

President Obama will be the first standing president to visit the Alaskan Arctic. He will travel to the Arcitc August 31 through September 3 for a series of climate change conferences and events. His trip comes two weeks after Shell was granted final approval to drill in the in the Arctic, which was on August 17th.  

Obama plans to speak about the impacts of climate change has had on the region and well as globally. He will also attend a climate issues conference with government leaders and scientists in Anchorage.

The visit highlights the administration’s climate polices and in a video released by the White House on August 13, Obama called the situation one of the greatest challenges the country faces.

Watch the full video here:

But, environmental groups are not pleased with the administration polices and believe there is a disconnect between climate change rhetoric and Shell’s approval to drill in the Arctic. Greenpeace and Oil Change International released a report earlier this month criticizing Arctic drilling. 

The report said that the administration and the oil industry have defended Arctic production as necessary for future U.S. energy requirements. Unfortunately, the report continued, the perception for the demand of fossil fuels will continue to create a climate disaster.

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