Nur Allya Lifeboat Found


By The Maritime Executive 09-02-2019 08:59:39

GTV Indonesia News has reported that a lifeboat belonging to the missing bulk carrier Nur Allya has been found. An oily sheen has also reportedly been sighted near the Obi Islands, Indonesia.

The crew of the 52,400dwt, 189-meter (620-foot) Nur Allya last made contact with the owner PT Gurita Lintas Samudra on August 20. The Indonesia-flagged vessel was en route to Indonesia's Sulawesi province carrying nickel ore when the distress call was made from near Buru Island in the Banda Sea. Contact was subsequently lost with the vessel, and a search is underway for her and her 25 crew.

Some media reports indicate that cargo liquefaction is a possible cause for the vessel's distress.

INTERCARGO has released a statement voicing deep concern for the 25 seafarers on board. The industry association says: “According to our sources, the ship was carrying nickel ore and was on voyage in Indonesian waters en route from Sagea (Gebe island) to Morosi (southeast Sulawesi). 

“Our appreciation and encouragement goes to the Search And Rescue efforts currently being undertaken by the Indonesian SAR Agency BASARNAS.

“Although the cause of the potential casualty is not known and must be established by prompt investigation by the Indonesian authorities, INTERCARGO urges all shipowners, operators and seafarers to exercise extreme caution when accepting, for carriage, nickel ore and other cargoes that have the potential to liquefy. We would like to stress the importance of adhering to the provisions in the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC Code) to ensure the safety of lives at sea and the safe transportation of dry bulk cargoes.”