Marine Casulaties: Norwegian Ship Sinks-Chinese Ship Spills Oil

The same storm that sank a Norwegian ship caused a Chinese ship to ground and spill oil.

According to the Swedish Maritime Rescue Center, a Norwegian cargo vessel with a crew of six sank in a heavy storm. The M/V LANGELAND sent a satellite distress signal, which locked in its location, but when rescuers arrived they only found life vests, lifeboats and debris. The ship was said to be transporting stone. The Norwegian registered ship was located by an ROV in about 108 meters depth in the Koster Fjord. There was no sign of the six man Russian – Ukrainian crew, which is now presumed dead.

Oil Spill:

The freighter M/V FULL CITY ran aground near Lagesund, Norway. The freighter has an estimated 1000 tons of heavy bunker oil (IF 180) and approximately 120 tons of marine diesel oil onboard. It has a Chinese crew of 23. The area affected is the North Sea coastline in southern Norway – which a popular holiday area in summer. Local reports say that water has penetrated into all cargo holds except number 1 and all double-bottom tanks. The fore- and afterpeak were not penetrated. Oil residues have been observed in all cargo holds and in the engine room. Some oil has spilled from the vessel and pollution of the coast is reportedly taking place from Stavern to Grimstad.