NMRA Commemorates 50th Anniversary

Founded in 1960, the National Marine Representatives Association (NMRA) celebrates five decades of serving the marine industry this year. NMRA president Rick Silverlake of Silverlake West Co. made the announcement.

"In 50 years, NMRA has helped transform the status of independent reps in the marine industry," said Silverlake. "In recognizing this milestone, we can take time to reflect on our history and plan where we're headed as an organization."

NMRA is a professional association that serves as an industry voice, networking tool and information source. It advocates the benefits of utilizing independent marine reps for sales and also helps manufacturers find the right representatives for their product lines.

"We will continue to promote independent reps and the opportunities we present for manufacturers," said Silverlake. "During this recession, reps can help extend a manufacturer's reach by visiting dealers and distributors they might not have the ability to contact."