Navy Official Allegedly Threatened Men With Gun

By MarEx 2016-07-06 20:43:07

A senior U.S. Navy civilian official was briefly arrested following an altercation in which he allegedly pointed a handgun at a group of young men outside his home in a Washington, DC suburb. 

Karnig Ohannessian, the deputy secretary of the Navy for the environment, appears to have been captured on video pointing a handgun at the men and ordering them to get in the car. 

Local police said that the men had left the scene when first responders arrived, but a young man later went to the nearby police station to file a report. 

Police arrested a suspect – they would not identify the individual – but a local magistrate determined that there was not probable cause and released him without charges. 

The Navy is still investigating. "We were made aware of the incident and the video," RAdm. Dawn Cutler told the Washington Post. "Mr. Ohannessian's supervisor is taking the appropriate action, to include working to understand the full details of what occurred."