National Geographics Vessel Sailing Globally Now with ADVETO Type Approved ECDIS

By MarEx 2012-01-04 11:04:24

Swedish ADVETO has through its distributor GPS Marinkonsult AB in Stockholm secured an order for the state-of-the-art expedition ship “National Geographic Explorer” after an extensive test and evaluation program. This vessel will be the first ADVETO ECDIS equipped vessel sailing on all waters around the world including the demanding waters of the Arctic and the Antarctic.

This new order is a significant example from the ongoing international upgrading program to make ships compliant with the IMO resolution stating that “all passenger-ships in international traffic and over 500 tons should be fitted with a type approved ECDIS latest 2014”.

“GPS Marinkonsult started to work with ADVETO´s navigation products many years ago. I must conclude that according to my opinion ADVETO has the best ECDIS on the market”, says Göran P. Sjödin, Founder and CEO of GPS Marinkonsult AB in Stockholm Sweden.

PHOTO: “National Geographic Explorer” formerly MS Midnatsol built 1982 for Hurtigruten. (Taken in Stockholm).

“ECDIS-4000 from ADVETO has features like multi routes, advanced predictors, alternative night presentation and download of PRIMAR charts and chart updates over Internet directly into the ECDIS. This makes ADVETO ECDIS an ideal system for all operations.”

“We are proud that the shipowner Lindblad Expeditions with eleven passenger ships has chosen GPS Marinkonsult and our ECDIS for this upgrading of their “National Geographic Explorer”, says Kent Sylvén, Managing Director of ADVETO. “Even more because of the ship´s global traffic making the chart handling very important. Our electronic order & download ECDIS solution will save time and money for the shipowner”.