Myanmar Air Force Crash: Black Box Found

black box

By MarEx 2017-06-18 19:06:04

The black box of the Myanmar Air Force plane that crashed on June 7 was found in the Andaman Sea on Sunday.

The Myanmar Air Force plane crashed into the sea with 122 people including 17 children on board. Many were the families servicemen. As of Sunday evening, 92 bodies had been found. Heavy rain and rough seas have hampered rescue efforts.

The Chinese-made Y-8-200F transport plane disappeared while flying at 18,000 feet on a flight to Yangon. The cause of the crash has yet to be determined, although local media reports suggest that adverse weather may have been a major factor. No mayday call was received from the aircraft.

A fishing trawler snagged the tail of the plane last week, and the flight data recorder found amongst the debris was brought to the surface from a depth of 35 meters on Sunday evening.

The Chinese-made aircraft was less than two years old and had only flown about 800 hours, according to the Myanmar military. The pilot and co-pilot both had more than 3,100 hours of flying experience, and the plane was carrying about 2.4 tons of cargo.