Maritime Connector V 2.0 Job Board Goes Live

By MarEx 2011-12-14 08:56:10

The new Maritime Connector portal brings a new logotype and branding, improved interface, easier and less complicated navigation, quicker input of CVs and adverts.

3 years after opening it's doors, Nexus d.o.o.  presented a long expected version of the leading job board for maritime employment; Maritime Connector. Established on the unique idea of connecting seafarers looking for work and maritime companies in finding professional personnel, Maritime Connector was accepted by it's targeted audience very soon. With the current database of 45.000 + registered seafarers from all over the world, more than 600 registered companies and the latest maritime job offer, Maritime Connector is the leading world "job board" in the maritime industry.

The new web portal brings a new logotype and branding, improved interface, easier and simpler navigation and faster entry of CVs and adverts. For seafarers, there is a possibility of automatic notification if a job advert matching their CV is published, and for maritime companies the possibility of advanced search, filter and selection of best candidates.

PHOTO: Maritime Connector Founder, Eric Superina

In Croatia, Maritime Connector is the absolute market leader with more than 90% of market share of maritime job adverts and with it's new version MC  is to conquer markets of Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Greece and Poland, but even broader, counting on big markets such as United States of America, India and China.

"We believe that specialized niche job boards have increased chances for success on specific markets, mainly because general job boards can not provide a tool for describing job specifications for maritime employers nor a tool for providing seafarers with a possibility of detailing their CVs." claims Eric Superina, general manager and founder of Maritime Connector.

He continues: "On a global scale, there is no such website in our industry, thus, we are very much optimistic that we can achieve great results, mainly because we know our industry, we know seafarers' needs and  the needs of maritime companies. This product was created as a result of years of experience, knowledge and huge efforts of the whole MC team.  We were very specific about each and every detail of the website because we wanted perfection, not a semi-product.

Being aware that the global recession created huge disturbances on the market, Nexus team still believes that they have a great opportunity since this way of finding maritime work and seafarers have numerous advantages over traditional methods due to the speed of the application process, details of the CVs, availability on each and every part of the world in every moment in time... As future goals, MC team underlines opening the market of newly targeted countries, but also the promotion without which there can be no visible results. The first next big project is publishing research results about the needs and wishes of seafarers. Nexus plans to publish these results by the end of 2011.

"There is no such thing as easy money and quick success, but you need to keep going and keep working on your business. One needs to look forward and seize all the opportunities that knowledge and technology we have offers", finishes Eric Superina, director of this small, but successful company from Rijeka.

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