Mercy Ships: Bringing Hope and Healing

A Letter From Don Stephens, Founder/President Mercy Ships

This is such a joyful time of year for most of us.

But for many of the world's poorest who are suffering from treatable diseases, this season may not be filled with peace and joy. Thousands of children, women, and men are struggling with blindness, life-threatening tumors, and the ability to walk. Most are ever-hopeful that their prayers may be answered this Christmas season.

When our "big white hospital ship" arrives in port in February, many will experience an answer to their cries for help. Life-saving and life-changing surgeries, training of national professionals and other community programs are specifically designed to make a significant difference in West Africa.

Imagine the joy you can bring to the world's forgotten poor, in Sierra Leone, through a donation to Mercy Ships this holiday season. Thanks to a donor who deeply believes in our mission, every dollar you give will be matched until December 31 -- up to $100,000. Your donation will have twice the impact -- please do consider how you can best participate:


Mercy Ships has operated a fleet of hospital ships in developing nations since 1978. In these years we have witnessed thousands of lives changed, both for the patients receiving treatment and the volunteers who are serving them.

The stories of healing that happen onboard our hospital ships are told again and again. And as the word spreads we are reminded that we will never truly know how vast our impact is or how many lives have been transformed.

But we do know that by following the 2,000-year-old model of Jesus, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor. And we count on your help to continue this important work.

If you make a donation during the Christmas season and before year-end, your donation will be matched to provide twice the impact. Thank you for partnering with us. We place a high value on such partnerships. Without you, we could not serve some of the world's most needy.


Merry Christmas -- mercy's on its way!