Launch of CPHSE a Success

The shipping industry’s reception of Skybox has exceeded all expectations. New costumers are signing up and positive feedback from existing users is ticking in on a daily basis

Only a few days ago everyone at Copenhagen Shipping Exchange was working around the clock to have the company’s new software solution ready for the official launch on November 1st.

The software solution named Skybox saves users hours of reading emails every day by scanning the contents of those emails for relevant information on by example open vessel positions, available cargo or port activity. The launch went according to plan, but to the founders of the company, the real test was how players in the shipping industry would receive the solution.

“One can not help feeling just a little anxious, when launching a brand new product in a highly competitive industry. But with that said, we do have high expectations towards the value, we believe, our solutions can add. And we believe, that users of Skybox will feel just that shortly after a hands-on experience”, says Stefan Avivson, CEO and co-founder of Copenhagen Shipping Exchange.

Work in progress

The users, whose feedback is appreciated and considered very valuable to the company, where both technical department and management continually work to improve the user experience and to meet customer needs and requirements, have met all the company’s expectations. According to Stefan Avivson inquiries from potential costumers regarding the solutions and possible collaboration are received weekly.

“I must admit, that the launch has gone better, than anyone has dared to hope. It appears now, that existing costumers advocate for our solutions to their own business associates. I guess, you can say, that the word spreads – which we of course appreciate.”

At the help desk of Copenhagen Shipping Exchange the number of inquiries has been limited so far. A fact that Stefan Avivson attributes to months of research and thorough development, but he emphasises, that he considers it a work in progress and, that everyone will continue to ensure, that Skybox remain state of the art, whether that is through optimization of the solution’s existing capabilities or by adding possible new features.
Obvious questions are, whether other products are in the pipeline and, when they are expected to be ready for launch, but the CEO is sparse with any details.

“We continuously monitor the market and are in close dialogue with our customers. At this time I cannot unveil any exact information on, what the next steps are, but I can reveal, that we are considering several different possibilities.”

Visit www.copenhagenshippingexchange.com for any additional information regarding Copenhagen Shipping Exchange and Skybox™

Pictured: Stefan Avivson (left) and Jonas Bruhn (right), co-founders of Copenhagen Shipping Exchange.