Korean Register and Hyundai to Collaborate on Environmental Solutions

Hyundai and Korean register collaborate on environmental solutions
Hyundai's shipyard (file photo)

Published Apr 13, 2021 7:28 PM by The Maritime Executive

In a further step to strengthen the competitive position of the South Korean shipbuilding industry, the Korean Register and Hyundai Heavy Industries Group announced a strategic alliance designed to address the future challenges of environmental regulations. Korea’s largest shipbuilder agreed to work with the class society to share utilize technology and human resources to proactively respond to international environmental regulations and contribute to the sustainable growth and decarbonization of the shipping and shipbuilding industries.

The two organizations will work together on joint research to develop the optimal response for shipping companies to address challenges such as the energy efficiency index and carbon intensity. The studies that will conduct will include research to identity an optimal solution for improving operations to improve the shipping company’s performance in the energy efficiency index (EEXI) and on improving ship operation efficiency to improve the carbon intensity (CII) score.

“We will do our best to find the optimal technological solution for the current environmental regulations facing the shipping industry in cooperation with Hyundai Heavy Industries Group,” said Daeheon Kim, head of the research division of the Korean Register. “We will actively participate in the development of eco-friendly future ships promoted by shipyards and contribute to the continued establishment of technological leadership in the shipbuilding industry.”

The organizations highlighted the maritime industry’s need to prepare for the energy efficiency index (EEXI) and carbon intensity (CII), regulations that will be applied to existing ships from 2023.

They said that they expect to enhance the international competitiveness of shipyards by developing eco-friendly technologies such as development of carbon-free fuel propulsion ships. They believe that shipyards have an opportunity to strengthen their technological superiority in the global market by reinforcing their competitiveness with eco-friendly issues.

The efforts will also continue to explore the development of new non-carbon fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen with joint development projects for the propulsion ships.  They plan to cooperate strategically throughout the life cycle of a ship.