Iran's Offshore Platforms Become Target of Recent Cyber Attacks

By MarEx 2012-10-10 20:22:30

This week Iranian officials have stated that cyber attackers have been targeting its offshore oil and gas platforms' communications networks. While the attacks have for the most part been deterred, the communication system has been under steady attack for more than a few weeks.

Due to the Stuxnet attack during 2010, Iran began strengthened its cyber security systems. Representatives of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company told an Iranian news agency that the nation's oil platform information networks were again under new attacks, which could have an impact on oil production.

While most of the Iranian oil and gas operations in the Persian Gulf have remained normal. This past April, the agency detected a computer virus inside the control systems of Kharg Island, which handles the majority of Iran's crude oil exports. But the terminal remained operational.

Tehran is reportedly working on national Internet system, which it says would improve and monitor its national cyber security. However, local Iranian officials are opposed to additonal government controls claiming online censorship.