iPhone Charging Cables Made from Ghost Fishing Nets

Credit: Le Cord
Credit: Le Cord

Published Jul 3, 2019 6:30 PM by The Maritime Executive

Swedish company Le Cord has created a new collection of Apple-certified charging cables for iPhones using recycled plastics from ghost fishing nets.

This is the first time recycled plastics from the ocean have been used for certified mobile charging accessories. 

Every year more than 640,000 tons of fishing gear is dumped in the ocean, killing fish and other marine life. The ghost nets continue to trap fish, leading to a cycle where the trapped fish are tempting food for other marine life which then also get caught in the nets. It can take hundreds of years before the ghost nets naturally degrade into micro plastics.

This is not Le Cord’s first venture in designs that target societal or environmental challenges. By mid 2019 the company replaced all braiding materials for new cables with nylon made of recycled PET bottle plastics. Le Cord has also used recycled metal from illegal guns in the connector shells of the cords.