Inventor Solves Kite Stability Issues


By The Maritime Executive 08-05-2018 05:29:59

French inventor Christophe Verna has recently filed two patents for a kite system for cargo ships that he says solves four major problems for such systems.

He says his design will ensure that they don't spin constantly, they don't draw the vessel vertically, they can be easily be controlled and kept from falling in the water.

“The first patent allows the sail to rise on its own, and thus never to fall into the water,” says Verna. Another arrangement allows for limiting its elevation, so that it pulls the vessel forward and not up.

The second patent, which completes the first, keeps the sail horizontal using four different systems that can be used alone or in combination with the first patent. 

Verna says that fuel savings of up to 20 percent could be achieved with the kite if used on large vessels on global routes.

The first patent is available here: http://inventions.a.verna.free.fr/voile.htm 
The second patent is available here: http://inventions.a.verna.free.fr/voile_horizontale.htm