Intertanko. IMPA and APA Sign Historic Agreements to Enhance Tanker Safety

Memoranda of agreement (MOA) has been signed by the Chairman of

INTERTANKO, Capt Graham Westgarth, and the President of the International

Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) and of the American Pilots' Association (APA),

Capt Michael Watson.

These historic MOAs are aimed at improving cooperation and constructive dialogue between the associations and their members, with the ultimate objective of enhancing navigational safety and protecting the marine environment in pilotage waters.

The signing of these MOAs is the culmination of several years of proactive and

constructive discussions between INTERTANKO, IMPA, and APA. The signings

mark a significant milestone for the respective associations.

The parties have met several times over the last few years to discuss issues of

mutual interest, which in turn has led to a greatly improved relationship.

A cooperative instead of adversarial approach to common issues has proved to be

the key to successful progress on achieving the associations’ shared goal of

continually improving navigational safety.

The associations recognize and respect the responsibilities of their respective

members and the indispensible roles played by the pilot and ship’s officers in the

safe, environmentally sound and efficient seaborne transportation of oil, gas and

chemicals. Recognizing the importance of working together in operational and

technical areas of common interest, the parties agree to develop and enhance

this cooperation by means of these memoranda.

Capt Westgarth and Capt Watson want to emphasize the signing is only

the beginning. The aim is to continue to build upon this renewed relationship,

thereby promoting and enhancing maritime safety.

The President of IMPA/APA, Capt. Mike Watson said:

"I commend INTERTANKO’s commitment to navigational safety and environmental responsibility – a commitment shared by pilots around the world.APA, IMPA, and INTERTANKO members, by working together constructively, recognizing shared goals, and respecting each other’s vital roles, are charting a safer course for the future. I am hopeful this MOA can serve as an example across the maritime industry."

INTERTANKO’s Chairman Capt. Graham Westgarth said:

"I hope that those memoranda will demonstrate how much we appreciate the role

of the pilots and that we are willing to discuss anything and everything with them. This will improve both their and our safety, and also will ensure the protection of the marine environment. It’s a win-win for us all!"

INTERTANKO: International Association of Independent Tanker Owners


INTERTANKO: Fredrik Larsson, Marine Manager

fredrik.larsson@intertanko.com +44 20 7977 7013


IMPA: Nick Cutmore, Secretary General

office@impahq.org +44 20 7240 3973


APA: Paul Kirchner, Executive Director and General Counsel

apaxdir@aol.com +01 202 484 0700