In Memory of Ifor Jones

Ifor Jones
Ifor Jones

By MarEx 2017-06-14 21:27:14

Ifor Jones, a well-loved tug master at Felixstowe in the U.K., passed away in May after a short illness. In what was probably the biggest ever send off the Port of Felixstowe has ever seen, his ashes were scattered in the harbor on June 10.

The tugs at Felixstowe took Ifor for his last trip on the Svitzer Kent with the Svitzer Shotley, Svitzer Deben and the Gray Test following behind.

As the tugs lined up in front of the Landguard Fort Ifor was laid to rest. The Svitzer Kent opened up their jets and blasted their horn with the other tugs following with their horns.

The tug masters showed their appreciation to a their fallen colleague/friend by swinging around while blowing horns.

Ifor Jones was a man who took pride in assisting some of the world's largest container ships into the Port of Felixstowe. Ifor started as cook / galley boy on the tugs when he was 15. He had worked his way up to the role of Captain when he sadly passed away after 42 years of service. 

Ifor was hugely popular man among the people of Felixstowe. Always known as the gentle giant, he was renowned and revered as a kind man.

He has a son Stephen and two step children Sally Ann and Jon who he treated as his own. Most of his time off was spent with his wife in their motor home. 

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