ICS, IACS, Shipbuilders Meet in Japan

Image courtesy ICS

By The Maritime Executive 2016-10-25 20:13:39

Earlier this month, some 200 representatives of shipbuilders, shipowners and class societies gathered in Tokyo for the annual "Tripartite Meeting" on issues of joint concern, including the new Goal Based Standards for bulk carriers and oil tankers, new IACS work on fuel data collection and cybersecurity, and knowledge-sharing on efficiency improvements. 

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) organized this year's round, and ClassNK, Japanese Shipowners' Association and the Shipbuilders' Association of Japan played host to the gathering. 

Attendees celebrated the annual Tripartite Meetings' role in structuring the Goal Based Standards' Ship Construction File, which provides information about the ship's design and construction to the operator for reference throughout its working life. 

IACS is leading Tripartite work on fuel data collection, and BIMCO and IACS are working on cyber risks, a key priority for the IACS since the chairmanship of ABS CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki last year.

The International Chamber of Shipping suggested that the organization should work on collating knowledge on ship efficiency improvements from shipbuilders, so that all parties will have access to better estimates of CO2 reduction performance. The Chamber will lead work on this. 

ICS will also help the industry collect its experience with the fitting, retrofitting and operation of ballast water treatment equipment, and Intercargo will work on designs for onboard storage/disposal systems for Hazardous to the Marine Environment cargo residues and hold washing water. 

Next year's meeting will be held in China.