Hungary: Rescue Diver Swept Away from Wreck


By The Maritime Executive 05-31-2019 06:22:10

Flood waters in the Danube have made it impossible for divers to reach the wreck of the passenger boat that sank on Wednesday night, with one rescue diver swept away and later rescued.

Seven passengers have been confirmed dead and another 21 are missing including two Hungarian crew members and 19 South Korean tourists after the vessel collided with the river cruise ship Viking Sigyn.
Seven South Koreans have been confirmed dead, and authorities have arrested the captain of the Viking Sigyn. His lawyers have stated that he denies blame for the accident and regrets that he could not prevent the collision.

Hungary's Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér received the Republic of Korea’s Ambassador to Hungary Choe Kyoo-Sik on Thursday. Choe announced that 27 Korean divers will be arriving in Budapest to assist the Hungarian authorities with search activities. Some of the bodies that have been recovered already were found several miles south of the bridge where the incident occurred, according to a map release by the police.