Heavy Lifting: Unloading a 50-Ton Generator

By The Maritime Executive 2017-07-27 18:23:54

Stevedores at the port of Jacksonville, Florida (Jaxport) recently moved a 108,000-pound generator bound for a manufacturing plant in the Midwest through the port’s Talleyrand Marine Terminal. The machinery, which is worth more than $2 million, was made in Germany and shipped from Belgium to Jaxport in a wooden crate aboard the general cargo vessel Dynamogracht, operated by Spliethoff. 

The stevedores involved in the operation are experienced in the movement of specialty, heavy-lift cargo and are employed by Jaxport tenant Seaonus. The equipment will be trucked to the Midwest aboard an 11-axle tractor trailer.

Talleyrand Marine Terminal offers 4,780 linear feet of berth space and is located near three U.S. interstates. Jaxport offers worldwide cargo service, including direct service with Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and other key markets. The port is pursuing a harbor deepening project to permit the largest post-Panamax ships to call, and it is already receiving much larger ships than just a few years before.