Gulf Copper Held Naming Ceremony for the Newest Dry Dock, Mr. Morris

By MarEx 2012-03-01 14:52:44

Gulf Copper & Manufacturing Corp. has successfully completed the refurbishment and re–naming of its newest dry dock, the Mr. Morris.

Now in service, the Mr. Morris adds a valuable asset to Gulf Copper’s dry dock capabilities. This enables Gulf Copper the opportunity to accommodate a range of larger vessels in our Port Arthur South Yard. After a recent naming ceremony, Gulf Copper completed its first successful dry docking on the Martin Marine’s Ocean Poseidon followed by its second dry docking, the Hornbeck MPSVHOS Strongline.

The Mr. Morris originally built for the United States Navy as the AFDM-2 has been completely restored allowing Gulf Copper’s South Yard to become a full service marine repair and dry dock facility. The Mr. Morris dry dock measures 384’ in length and 116’ in breadth with 90’ between the wing walls. The dock is capable of lifting vessels weighing up to approximately 9,000 long tons with drafts up to 20 feet.

The yard will provide services to the U.S deep draft coastwise transportation fleet, small foreign and domestic ships, larger new generation Offshore Service Vessels, and Integrated Tug Barge Units. Steve Hale, CEO of Gulf Copper & Manufacturing said, “This dry dock gives us access to a market that has not been served recently in Port Arthur. At 9,000 tons of capacity, it lets us bring in much larger vessels than we previously could.”