Grand Bahama Shipyard Drydocks First Vessel After Hurricane Dorian

Courtesy Grand Bahama Shipyard

By The Maritime Executive 10-03-2019 09:16:11

Grand Bahama Shipyard has welcomed its first vessel into drydock since the passage of Hurricane Dorian, which struck the northern Bahamas with extreme wind and rain in early September. 

The feeder Taipei Trader is currently docked at Grand Bahama's number three drydock, a significant step towards the return to the yard's normal operations. The vessel had drydocked before the storm, but it left before the hurricane's arrival as a precautionary measure. 

“This dry-dock is another important recovery milestone for the shipyard and the community, which will continue to see positive economic activity from the shipyard’s ongoing operations," said CEO David Skentelbery. 

Now that Taipei Trader has returned, Grand Bahama Shipyard says that it will complete the planned scope of work this month. It is also working to finish repairs on the Aframax Agathonissos, which also departed the yard prior to the storm. 

Grand Bahama Shipyard is part-owned by two of the world's largest cruise lines, and it is the primary repair facility for cruise ships in the Caribbean. The first post-storm cruise ship drydocking is scheduled for October 5, when the 2,600-passenger Carnival Ecstasy is slated to arrive. 

Skentelbery said that in addition to their duties at the yard, the firm's employees have been engaged as volunteers to help with disaster recovery efforts across Grand Bahama Island. They have assisted the Grand Bahama Utility Company in restoring fresh water service, assisted The Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) with distributing aid, provided mobile light and power generation equipment to East Grand Bahama and helped clean up debris at seven schools.