Fisherman Missing and Presumed Dead in Barents Sea Man-Overboard

Norwegian coast guard patrol vessel Barentshav
The Norwegian patrol vessel Barentshav, above, led the search on scene (Bjoertvedt / CC BY SA 3.0)

Published Nov 18, 2022 1:40 AM by The Maritime Executive

A fisherman who went over the side of a trawler in the Barents Sea on Tuesday is presumed dead, according to the Northern Norway Rescue Center. 

 Jo Aron Kvinge Rogne, 26, was reported missing aboard the freezer trawler Langenes just before 2000 hours on Tuesday. A substantial search effort was launched, and eleven good samaritan fishing vessels answered the call for assistance. One of them was a Russian-flagged trawler, the Norskehavet

Coordinated by Norwegian authorities and the Norwegian patrol vessel Barentshav, this fleet fanned out in a line and swept the area in a deliberate search pattern. Two helicopters joined the operation as well. 

Conditions were difficult, with strong winds and rough waves, according to the rescue center. No sign of the missing fisherman was found overnight, and the search was called off Wednesday afternoon. 

A crisis team was activated to assist the crew of the Langenes and the family of the victim. 

"We have had the worst possible outcome of this tragic event," said Tore Roaldsnes, the general manager of operator Bluewild AS, speaking to Fiskeribladet. The company extended its condolences to the family of the victim and its thanks to the many vessels that helped out with the search.