Final Oil Pumping Begins on Rena Shipwreck

By MarEx 2011-11-09 16:29:23

The final stage of a 5 week long operation from the stranded container ship Rena has begun, as salvors pumping oil from the last oil tank. 

The Rena salvage operation has seen a multitude of setbacks since its grounding, recently experiencing days of setbacks who are working with oil submerged on the ship.  Maritime New Zealand confirmed that the system resumed pumping, transferring about 31 tons of oil to a tanker called the Awanuia as of 8AM NZ time on Thursday.

Prior to the latest pumping, 358 tons of oil remained on the ship.

Divers have reported no change in the condition of Rena’s hull.

It looks like the worst is over for New Zealand and the environmentally devastating Rena oil spill.