Fiji Denies Livestock Ship Entry

Polaris 2

By Kayla Turner 2015-01-19 12:00:46

A ship carrying thousands of live cows was turned away by Fiji after failing to declare its cargo. Another report stated that the vessel was denied entry into Fiji because it lacked the proper transit permit for its livestock cargo.

The Panama-flagged Polaris-2 is carrying more than 7,000 cattle from Chile to China. The ship has instead entered Noumea harbor in New Caledonia, according to local media reports.

The ship's agent has reportedly been fined $22,425 for failing to disclose the presence of live animals.

Port authorities believed it was a routine call, but alerted the navy when it was discovered a dairy herd was on board. A Fiji Navy patrol boat forced Polaris-2 back out to international waters.

The cargo ship's master then issued a distress call, claiming he was low on fuel, water and food and needed to re-stock. Fijian authorities gave permission for some supplies to head to the vessel.