Fairmount Fuji Assisted Diving Team of Octomar

By MarEx 2012-11-20 10:48:04

Fairmount Marine’s multipurpose support vessel Fairmount Fuji has
supported Angolan maritime service provider Octomar Serviços Maritimos
in underwater maintenance of the drilling rig Transocean Rather. The
Fairmount Fuji hosted and assisted a diving team of Octomar during the
six weeks job offshore Angola.

The Fairmount Fuji is a multipurpose support vessel with a spacious aft
deck of 280 square meters and with towing capabilities. Fairmount Fuji
had just finished assisting Congolese Muanda International Oil Company in
a well intervention operation offshore Congo when the vessel was
contracted by Octomar. The Fairmount Fuji was prepared in the port of
Pointe Noire with equipment and personnel of Octomar before she was
mobilized to the port of Luanda, Angola.

After clearance in Luanda the Fairmount Fuji sailed to the oil field.
Octomar was contracted to perform underwater maintenance to the
floaters of the semi-submersible deepwater drilling rig Transocean Rather,
owned by Houston based Transocean Ltd.

After six week of dive support operations, the job was successful finished.
Thereafter the Fairmount Fuji was redelivered and ready for her next