Dubai Customs Makes Massive Seizure of “Jihadist's Drug”

Source: Dubai Customs
Source: Dubai Customs

Published Aug 4, 2019 5:41 PM by The Maritime Executive

Dubai Customs has foiled a drug smuggling attempt, seizing 274,000 Captagon pills. Captagon has been dubbed the "amphetamine fueling Syria's war" or the "Jihadists' drug." 

Drugs.com states that Captagon manufacturing has escalated in Europe and the Middle East over the past few years and that it has been by extremist groups such as Islamic State to enhance their soldiers abilities. The highly addictive, amphetamine-based drug is said to enhance courage. 

The smugglers had concealed the drugs in the fuel tank of their vessel. “They thought inspectors will not search in that hot spot of the vessel near the engine which can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius,” said Dubai Customs in a statement. The body language of the dhow captain aroused the suspicions of the inspectors who subsequently uncovered 137 plastic bags of the pills.

This is the second biggest drug seizure for the Coastal Customs Centers Management after the seizure of 783,800 Captagon pills in 2018. There were eight drug seizures in 2018.