Dr Sun Licheng Takes Over IACS Chairman

Sun Licheng
Dr Sun Licheng

By MarEx 2016-06-30 19:14:43

Dr Sun Licheng, the Chairman and President of China Classification Society, assumed the role of IACS Chairman at the end of the 73rd session of the IACS Council in Washington, DC, on June 29.

Identifying the key objectives for his time in office Sun said: “Meeting our commitment to the IMO on Goal-based Standards, driving forward the work on cyber safety and facilitating the use of innovative survey techniques will contribute to IACS continuing to be an essential provider of services in the safe and efficient functioning of the global maritime industry.”

Sun was born in 1957 in LiaoNing Province of China. He has worked as lecturer, associate professor, professor, oceangoing ship second mate, mate and captain successively at Dalian Maritime University. He joined China Classification Society in 2006 as Party Secretary & Senior Vice President and became Chairman in 2012.

“I am delighted to take on the IACS Chairmanship and am fully committed to ensuring the Association continues to make strong progress in these challenging times,” says Sun.

Previously, the role of Chairman was held by Christopher J. Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO, ABS. Commenting on his predecessor’s contribution, Sun stated: “Following Chris’ strong leadership, IACS is well positioned to continue working with regulators and industry on the critical issues of today and tomorrow and I will be working hard to further strengthen these relationships.”

In response, Wiernicki thanked fellow members for their support during his time in office. “Working together, we have achieved a number of highly ambitious goals and made considerable progress for IACS to deliver significant technical advisory achievements including the establishment of the Cyber Systems Panel, the IMO recognition that IACS’ Members’ Rules comply with Goal-based Standards and the groundwork development for enhanced collaboration between IACS and the IMO,” he said.