Divers Locate Bodies of Two Fishermen From Bow Fortune Collision

The wreck of the Pappy's Pride (USCG)

Published Feb 3, 2020 8:37 PM by The Maritime Executive

Divers have located the bodies of two fishermen who went missing in the collision between the shrimp boat Pappy's Pride and the tanker Bow Fortune in the Galveston Bay Entrance Channel on January 14. 

The additional victims have been named as Antonio Robles, 44, and Raymond Herrera, 57, both residents of Texas. First responders recovered the body of a third crewmember, Constantino Corona, 59, on the day of the casualty. 

The fourth crewmember, Steven Edison, is the sole survivor from the Pappy's Pride. He told local TV media that he had about 10 seconds to react after the Bow Fortune came in sight. When the shrimp boat sank, his leg was caught and he was dragged under; he managed to free himself and get to the surface, despite a broken leg. He expects to be nine months in recovery. 

Edison and the family of deceased crewmember Raymond Herrera are filing suit against the tanker's operator, Odfjell, alleging that the vessel was operated in an unsafe manner. 

In a statement, Odfjell explained that the vessel was under pilotage at the time of the casualty. 

"At the time of the incident, Bow Fortune was inbound and under pilotage as first vessel in a convoy. At the time of the incident, there was heavy fog in the area," Odfjell said. "Odfjell takes this matter very seriously. Together with the P&I club Gard, we cooperate fully with US authorities to ensure that we initiate all necessary actions."

The cause of the casualty is under investigation.