Disparity: The Misuse of Aid

Published Oct 28, 2019 6:12 PM by The Maritime Executive

The International Federation of Journalists has hosted the premier screening of a new film exposing how global aid budgets are used to reinforce spiraling inequality in the world.

The film Disparity was directed by activist Renu Mehta and features nine Nobel Laureates, with narration by Sir Ben Kingsley. It shows how governments around the world use $150 billion in foreign aid money. 

The documentary discusses corporate involvement in government aid and how this, along with corruption and incompetence, can reduce the amount of aid going to people in need. It also discusses how well-meaning aid can also cause problems, citing the shipping of excess rice from the U.S. to Haiti as an example.

The premiere marked the launch of the Real Aid Campaign which aims to transform aid policies to deliver more aid more directly through frontline organizations: “If enough citizens form a critical mass around the world, their voice can force governments to respond, leading to sweeping and systemic changes in aid policy.” Jose Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace Laureate, is co-chairing the campaign.