Designs For Large Compressed Hydrogen Carriers Using Containers

compressed hydrogen carrier vessel concept
Concept calls for two large vessens transporting compressed hydrogen in containers (Gen2 Energy)

Published Apr 12, 2022 3:22 PM by The Maritime Executive

Norwegian energy company Gen2 Energy plans to develop what could become the world’s first large-scale shipping solution for hydrogen as an energy source. The company, which is developing a large hydrogen production facility in Norway, announced that it is working with Norwegian ship designer Sirius Design & Integration for the design of two specialized ships for transport hydrogen.

Gen2 Energy is also looking at a unique method of transporting hydrogen. Many of the current efforts are focusing on hydrogen similar to other gasses being transported in liquid form. Gen2 Energy is seeking to develop designs to move large quantities of compressed hydrogen in containers.

“The transportation of hydrogen is challenging, and we are very excited to be at the forefront of the development of technology, enabling cost-effective, safe, and green logistical solutions,” said Jonas Meyer, CEO of Gen2 Energy. “By working jointly with the experienced team of Sirius D&I we feel confident that we will reach our set goals and be ready to deliver hydrogen to our clients when our productions start.”

Gen2 Energy is currently developing large-scale production of hydrogen in Mosjøen, Norway. The company explains that part of the volume will be exported to countries in Northern Europe, meaning that they will require a safe, effective, and green method for transporting large quantities of hydrogen.

While the company recognizes seaborn transport as a natural choice, they note that there are currently no vessels approved for carrying a large amount (>100) of containers with compressed hydrogen gas. Gen2 Energy, in partnership with DNV and HYEX Safety, used a risk-based approach method to identify requirements and recommendations for the design, with the purpose of ultimately reaching an Approval in Principle (AiP), for a specialized container vessel that can safely carry a larger quantity of hydrogen containers per shipment.

Design work is underway to develop ships capable of transporting hydrogen. Gen2 Energy and Sirius are envisioning two large container carriers. Each ship would be approximately 623 feet long and have a load capacity of 500 40-foot containers. 

In addition to incorporating important safety aspects, Erik Haakonsholm, CCO of Sirius Design & Integration reports the vessels will also be energy efficient ships that can operate on zero-emission fuels. They plan to develop designs for hydrogen-fueled propulsion.

Gen2 Energy plans to start production of green hydrogen in the first half of 2024 at the sites it is currently developing in Norway. Its goal is to have a portfolio of production sites that can secure a large-scale production capacity of up to 1 GW within the next five to six years.