Danish Sail Training Ship Strikes a U.S. Navy LCS at Baltimore Pier

Danmark entering Baltimore's harbor (USN)

Published Sep 12, 2022 5:13 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Sunday, a Danish sail training ship sustained minor damage in an allision with the littoral combat ship USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul at a pier in Baltimore, Maryland.

According to local media, the Danish training ship Danmark was under tow by two tugs when she struck some pilings alongside the pier. The Danmark then carried on and made contact with the hull of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul. 

“No U.S. Navy personnel were injured and no serious damage sustained onboard USS Minneapolis St. Paul (LCS 21)," a Navy spokesperson said in a statement. 

The Navy said that the casualty was part of an otherwise "fantastic" fleet week in Baltimore.

A video of the scene shows that a boom on the stern of the sailing ship contacted the lifelines on the Minneapolis-Saint Paul's bow, breaking several. An aerial photo provided by a bystander appears to show that the sailing ship's stern made contact with the LCS' stem as well. 

Baltimore's fleet week has proceeded as planned in other respects. The event includes ship tours, flyovers, displays, and Fleet Week festivals at multiple locations throughout Baltimore. The event continues through Tuesday. 

Other vessels in port for fleet week include the amphib USS Carter Hall, fast transport USNS Newport, Royal Canadian Navy patrol vessel HMCS Moncton, and the U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC James Rankin. More than 2,300 servicemembers are expected to participate. 

Danmark is a classic 1933-built full-rigged sail training ship operated by the Danish Maritime Authority. She operates with a student crew of 80 and serves as a training platform and as an overseas ambassador for Danish maritime. 

USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul is the most recently-delivered vessel in the ill-starred Freedom-class series of littoral combat ships. She is one of six Freedom LCS hulls not listed for early retirement.