Damen: 1x Cutter Suction Dredger for Egypt + Manuals Available in STE

By MarEx 2012-11-20 14:19:00

Damen Cutter Suction Dredger built in Egypt

A Damen Cutter Suction Dredger, type CSD500, has been built under license by Canal Naval Construction for the Egyptian General Authority for Fish Resource Development. The customer, a long term Damen customer, requested local construction which was supervised by Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC). Damen delivered a complete dredging package so that the customer could start the dredging job without delay.

The CSD500, named ”25 January” after the day of the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, has been built by Canal Naval Constructions Co (CNC) of Port Fouad, Egypt. Damen Dredging Equipment sent over all vital components such as the dredge pump, the control cabin etc in containers. Together with all required drawings and the DTC assistance, CNC built a perfect CSD500. The CSD500 is fitted out with a large number of optionals, as well as the auxiliary equipment required for the jobsite

The CSD500 has a max dredging depth of 14 m, and a max installed power of 1.293 kW. The cutter power is 180 kW. The CSD500 has a mixture capacity of some 4.000 m3/h. The standard dredger has been customized by adding a large number of optionals, such as a jib crane, navigation lights, a communication package, air conditioning, a bilge pump, heavier fenders, a fire fighting installation and a 500 L fresh water tank with tap and sink. The dredger received Bureau Veritas class approval as it will be working near the Mediterranean coast.

Crew Training
Apart from the standard options, a complete dredging package was delivered to facilitate a quick start of the dredging job. The package includes 600 m floating pipe line, 600 m land based pipe line, a complete set of spare parts and crew training. Damen trainers are now in Egypt for crew training on site, for an optimal start of the job.

For the owner, the General Authority for Fish Resources Development, the “25 January” is its second Damen dredger. Their first was the dredger “Bardawil Lagoon”, delivered in 1997. Both dredgers will operate in the Northern Egyptian lakes “Manzala”, “Burullus” and “Bardawil” where they will assist in the development of the Egyptian aquaculture. Damen trust that the “25 January” will be another asset to the further development of the regions fishing industry.


Damen Shipyards introduces Simplified Technical English in its DAMOS maintenance software

As part of an ongoing effort to make its maintenance software program DAMOS (Damen Asset Management Operating System) even more user-friendly, Damen Shipyards has now captured its maintenance instructions in Simplified Technical English (STE100). This makes reading and understanding these instructions much easier for non-native speakers or inexperienced crew.

Simplified Technical English (STE) has a controlled (English) vocabulary with sufficient words to write any technical text. STE was first used in the aerospace industry to reduce ambiguity of instructions and misinterpretation of important technical documents, thereby enhancing safety throughout the industry. Today, STE is used in many other industries. As of now, and with the same goals, Damen is offering its maintenance instructions in STE.

Damen Services is, amongst others, specialized in vessel maintenance. This specific knowledge is anchored in the database of the DAMOS computerised maintenance management system. DAMOS is a user-friendly tool, containing all information on preventive vessel maintenance crisp and clearly recorded and presented. DAMOS is replacing difficult and multiple interpretable technical manuals and even more so in the new STE-version.

DAMOS pro-actively indicates, amongst others, what type of maintenance has to be performed, which parts should be replaced, which tools are necessary and who needs to perform the maintenance job. All instructions are unequivocally interpretable.