Cruise Ship Strikes Breakwater in Nice

The Pacific Princess at the pier (courtesy Matthias Galante / twitter)

By MarEx 2016-10-16 18:26:25

[Brief] The cruise ship Pacific Princess struck a breakwater in Nice, France early Friday morning, damaging her hull on the port side below the waterline. Watertight doors were already closed, preventing flooding from spreading, Princess Cruises said in a statement. 

A passenger told Nice Matin that there was an audible noise when the ship struck the breakwater, and that the crew later told guests that the incident was caused by unfavorable weather conditions.

No injuries were reported and the ship is alongside the pier for a dive inspection. Her 669 passengers are safely ashore. 

The rest of the Pacific Princess’ cruise has been canceled, Princess said, and passengers will be provided with transportation and lodging to allow them to finish their travel plans. 

The Pacific Princess was due to finish her cruise in Barcelona on Saturday. Her next cruise, departing Barcelona, has also been canceled.

Princess said that the incident was caused by an "unexpected change in wind conditions." 

According to local news site Forum du Bateau, the incident occurred at the southeastern end of Nice harbor's entrance breakwater, with high easterly winds and rough seas. Past weather data for Nice indicate winds of 25 knots on Friday morning.