Cruise Ship Collides with Cargo Ship

Costa Cruises has cancelled the Costa Classica’s next voyage after it collided with a cargo ship around 4:45 a.m. Monday.

The 52,926-ton cruise ship was travelling through the deep-water channel of the Yangtze River when it collided with the 86,848-ton Belgian-flagged bulk carrier LOWLANDS LONGEVITY.

The cruise ship suffered scratches and a gash, reportedly 20 meters long on its starboard side. Ten passengers onboard suffered minor injuries and were treated at a nearby Shanghai medical facility.

The cruise ship docked in Shanghai around 10 a.m. Shortly thereafter the Italian cruise line cancelled the remainder of the cruise which was set to depart from Shanghai Monday and travel to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

Officials are investigating the collision.

Also on Monday South Korean Police were searching for 33 passengers from the Costa Classica who failed to return to the ship after docking on the resort island of Jeju.

Forty-four Chinese passengers from the Classica cruise ship disembarked, taking their luggage with them and leaving their passports onboard.

Sunday afternoon the ship departed leaving the 44 passengers in South Korea. Authorities have found 11 of the passenger, while 33 remain missing. Officials say they believe the passengers planned to enter the country illegally to find work. South Korea’s immigration authority says the passengers will be deported.

Photo courtesy of eastday.com