Cruise News Dominates 2019's Most Popular Articles

Carnival Vista
Carnival Vista

Published Dec 18, 2019 7:45 PM by The Maritime Executive

Cruise industry news has featured heavily in some of The Maritime Executive's most popular articles this year. Refresh yourself on the issues, technology and casualties here:

1. Video: Heavy Lift Ship Raises Carnival Vista Out of the Water

Watch the evolution that took place in July as the Boskalis semi-submersible heavy lift ship BOKA Vanguard successfully floated the cruise ship Carnival Vista aboard in order to facilitate repairs at a shipyard in the Bahamas. 

2. Sunken Japanese Aircraft Carrier Kaga Discovered

3. Fishing Boat's Chief Mate Charged With Killing Eight Crewmembers

4. Magnetic North Pole Shifting Rapidly and Unpredictably

5. Two Cruise Crewmembers Go Overboard at Port of Quebec

6. Pilot Deliberately Grounded Golden Ray

7. Ineffective Bridge Team Communication Led to Carnival Horizon Allision

8. The Final Resting Place of 49 U.S. Sailors Confirmed

9. Crewmember of Cruise Ship Vision of the Seas Killed in Fall

10. Bill to Restore U.S. Coast Guard Pay Moves Ahead