Crewmember Stabbed by a Shipmate at Port of Long Beach

port of long beach pier g
Port of Long Beach; Pier G is at top center, behind the container ship (File image courtesy Port of Long Beach)

Published Oct 24, 2022 6:18 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Monday morning, an altercation between two crewmembers at the Port of Long Beach ended in a stabbing, according to local police.

At about 0145 hours Monday morning, the Long Beach Police Department received a report of a fight at the 1000 block of the port's Pier G. 

The officers who responded to the scene found a victim with a stab wound on his upper body. The wound was not life-threatening and the man's condition was stable, and paramedics brought him to a nearby hospital for evaluation. 

The officers also arrested a suspect in the stabbing, one of the victim's crewmates. The police identified the individual as Indonesian national Anali Nanto, 48. He has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and held pending bail. 

The attack began with a dispute between the two men and escalated, Long Beach police said in a statement. The vessel has not been identified.

The altercation is reminiscent of the stabbing aboard the boxship MSC Ravenna in September 2020, when crewmember Michael Dequito Monegro attacked and killed the vessel's bosun outside of a locker room. Monegro was detained by his crewmates and handed over to police at the Port of Los Angeles, adjacent to Long Beach. He confessed to the crime in March 2022 and is awaiting sentencing.