Contract Awarded for Townsville's New Container Terminal

Port of Townsville

By The Maritime Executive 06-20-2019 07:56:49

A contract has been awarded for a new container terminal at the Port of Townsville in Queensland, Australia. 

Townsville construction company Formset has been awarded a $10 million contract for the 1.6-hectare container terminal which is part of the Townsville Port’s A$30 million Crane and Cargo Terminal project at Berth 4.

The $30 million project adds to major capacity-expanding projects at the port, including construction of the $48 million intermodal facility, $193 million port channel upgrade and the completion of the $40 million Berth 4 upgrade.

The volume of freight moving across Queensland is expected to grow more than 20 percent, and the terminal is expected to boost trade through northern Australia’s largest cargo port. The port is Australia's largest exporter of zinc, copper, lead and fertilizer and its eight berths connect to over 130 ports around the world.

Port of Townsville Infrastructure General Manger, Kim Gebers said: “It is projected that the recently upgraded Berth 4, new ship-to-shore crane and Cargo Terminal Area will be capable of handling around 35,000 containers per annum, and around two million tonnes per annum of total cargo. "That represents a 20 percent increase on current capability."

Formset Managing Director, Brent Zander said the construction of the Berth 4 Cargo Terminal Area was expected to take up to 36 weeks to complete.