Coast Guard Responds to Reports of Oil in Gulf of Mexico

By MarEx 2011-03-28 17:12:34

Coast Guard responds to reports of oil in Gulf of Mexico
NEW ORLEANS - The Coast Guard and the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office are working with Anglo-Suisse Thursday, to oversee the cleanup of oil that has made landfall in the Grand Isle, La. area.

Tests were done by LSU and Coast Guard marine safety labs and confirmed that the samples collected from West Delta 117 and samples collected from both Elmers Island and Grand Isle are a match. Anglo-Suisse has been identified as the responsible party for this cleanup.

"While a responsible party has been identified, the Coast Guard and state of Louisiana, in consultation with parish, local, and tribal leaders, has direct oversight of the response and we are working to ensure the effective and thorough cleanup of all of the affected areas," said Coast Guard Capt. Jonathan Burton, federal on scene coordinator for the response.

No new oil has come ashore since Monday and an estimated total of one-quarter to one-half mile of shoreline has been affected by patches of oil.

Assets currently being used in the clean up and recovery operations include:

- Approximately 8,400 feet of containment boom, deployed to prevent damage to environmentally sensitive areas;

- Two MARCO Skimmers are currently underway;

- Five barge boats;

- Four drum skimmers.

Other assisting and cooperating agencies currently engaged in the clean up and recovery operations include:

- Department of Public Safety;

- Grand Isle Fire Department;

- Louisiana National Guard;

- U.S. Wildlife and Fisheries.

As the responsible party for this cleanup, Anglo-Suisse is responsible for paying for all cleanup related costs associated with the spill.

Both the Coast Guard and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement are investigating the cause of the spill.


Source: USCG Release