Coast Guard Raises Sunken Tug off Boston

Image courtesy USCG

By MarEx 2016-06-12 20:59:30

On Friday, the Coast Guard coordinated the successful salvage of the sunken tug Emily Anne from Massachusetts Bay, off Deer Island, a peninsula three nautical miles from Boston.

The vessel went down in February with three crew, all of whom were rescued. She suffered a hull breach; the crew radioed for help, and a motor life boat, a helicopter crew were dispatched. Before USCG assets could arrive, the Chelsea, a boat of the Boston Harbor Pilot Association, responded to the scene and recovered the men from the water. 

"One-by-one, they hauled three people onto the pilot boat and brought them back safely to Boston," said Richard Stover, president of the Boston Harbor Pilot Association. "It wasn't easy doing what these guys did."

Tugboat Captain Doug Richmond of the Emily Anne, center (courtesy James Reed/BHPA)

"Anytime something like this happens, the first thing we do is put out a broadcast to any mariners in the area requesting they assist," said U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Andrew Barresi. "In this case, there were people in the area that were able to respond quicker than we were. That was very fortunate."

The cause of the sinking remains under investigation.

Salvors Semper Diving and Marine led the effort, and the Oil Spill Response Organization provided booms to prepare for any possible spill. The raising proceeded without difficulty and the wreck was placed on a deck barge for transport to East Boston. 

“We applaud the work of everyone involved with today’s salvage operation to remove the potential hazard to navigation," said Coast Guard Capt. Claudia Gelzer, commander, Sector Boston. “And we especially commend Capt. Joseph Maloney and co-pilot, Capt. Shawn Kelly of the Boston Harbor Pilots for their heroism in the rescue of those three crew members that day.”