CHIRP Calls for Feedback on Fatigue


By The Maritime Executive 09-02-2019 05:57:00

CHIRP Maritime's latest edition of Maritime Feedback 56 is now available online. This edition includes reports: 

•  Fatigue and Hours of Rest
•  Positive engagement with Designated Personn Ashore
•  MARPOL violations
•  Working at height
•  COLREG issues

“Once again in this issue we reproduce the Deadly Dozen’ diagram which shows various human element factors which contribute to accidents at sea,” says Director (Maritime), Captain Jeff Parfitt. “These factors help us to understand the underlying causes of accidents and permit us to move beyond the basic (and lazy) assertion that many accidents are caused by human error.

“Recently, several organizations have been taking a closer look at one of these elements – fatigue. Studies are being conducted to analyze the way hours of work are calculated, which watchkeeping systems contribute to fatigue and how we can minimize fatigue at sea. Do you have an example which others can learn from? Have you witnessed inaccurate record-keeping of Hours of Rest documents or situations where the demands of the job may have caused fatigue and if so, how did you deal with the problem?

“We need accurate records about hours of rest because they can help to determine whether fatigue may be present. Fatigue, of course, affects safety and critical decision making at sea, so there is a real need to understand what is happening aboard our ships. Do please get in touch if you have experienced the
effects of fatigue, and in the meantime, stay safe!”

CHIRP Maritime is the world's foremost maritime confidential reporting program and is the voice of the mariner. Its reports, whilst confidential, are free from third party influence. Seafarers are urged to submit reports - all are answered, and CHIRP maintains confidentiality at all times. 

Maritime Feedback 56 is available here.