China Commissioning Three New Attack Submarines

Chinese submarines

By Wendy Laursen 2015-04-05 21:29:43

China will soon be commissioning three new nuclear-powered attack submarines, reports local media.

The submarines are China's most advanced Type-093G attack submarines, and they are awaiting delivery by a Chinese shipyard. 

China Central Television has aired satellite images showing the three submarines anchored at an unidentified port.

The submarines have a teardrop hull and are longer than China’s earlier model, the Type-093. They have been engineered to reduce noise and increase speed and maneuverability. They also have a vertical launching system capable of firing YJ-18 supersonic anti-ship missiles.

“Judging from the vessel’s design, the Type-093G should have strong anti-ship and counter-submarine capabilities,” China Daily reports Yin Zhuo, a senior expert with the navy, as saying. “It is also likely to be upgraded with the capability of striking land targets with cruise missiles in the near future.”

China is estimated to have four Type-094 submarines, six Type-093 nuclear-powered attack submarines and three old Type-091 nuclear-powered attack submarines, CCTV quoted foreign media reports as saying.