Cargo Ship Collides with a Kentucky Bridge

By MarEx 2012-01-27 16:35:05

According to a CBS News report, two spans of a southwest Kentucky bridge collapsed after a cargo ship carrying aviation and rocket parts collided into it. Kentucky transportation officials have not reported any immediate injuries.

The Delta Mariner struck the main structure of the Eggner Ferry Bridge at U.S. Highway 68 and Kentucky Highway 80. The bridge, which has been open to traffic since 1932, is currently having its damage assessed by state inspectors. Again, luckily, there were no injuries or deaths on board the vessel. The ship was headed to Cape Canaveral prior to the accident.

The bridge, which travels over the Kentucky Lake reservoir and Tennessee River, has been closed to traffic. Detours are miles out of the way for commuters. The Coast Guard has also blocked boat traffic at the site.

Travelers along the bridge last night around the time of the collision stated that they were just driving along in the rain and darkness, and suddenly noticed a missing 20-foot piece of the bridge that stands about 20 feet above the water. One local man was able to come to a halting stop just a few feet of the missing section; cars were stopped on each side. No one reports feeling the ship actually strike the bridge, but many say it did feel somewhat weak.

Almost 3,000 vehicles travel the Eggner Ferry daily. The bridge was already in the process of being replaced, but a new one has not yet been built.