American Maritime Partnership Elects Jennifer Carpenter as New President

Jennifer Carpenter
Courtesy AWO

Published Jan 8, 2024 3:34 PM by The Maritime Executive

The American Maritime Partnership (AMP) has elected longtime maritime advocate Jennifer Carpenter as its next president. She will be the first woman to lead the organization.

"AMP plays a pivotal role in championing the strength and vitality of our domestic maritime industry, and I am proud to continue to drive our industry forward into the future,” said Jennifer Carpenter. “This industry is led by 650,000 American men and women who are committed to ensuring a reliable supply chain, reducing our dependence on China, dredging new channels for trade, building next-generation vessels, constructing the next great American energy industry, and supporting our military in times of war.”

Carpenter has advocated for the needs of America’s inland maritime industry for more than three decades as the head of the American Waterways Operators. In this role, she has developed longstanding relationships with hundreds of industry stakeholders, the United States Coast Guard, and members of Congress. She will continue to serve concurrently as President and CEO of the AWO. 

AMP members also elected a new Vice President, Sara Fuentes of the Transportation Institute, and new secretary / treasurer, James “Jim” Weakley of the Lake Carriers Association. 

“I am honored to continue to work with the AMP team to promote a strong U.S.-built, owned and crewed fleet, which is integral to our national security and economic prosperity,” said Sara Fuentes. 

AMP advocates for the Jones Act trade as a whole, including vessel owners, operators, shipbuilders, repair yards, dredging and marine construction contractors, trade associations, pro-defense groups and other American maritime interests.