ALMACO Delivers Living Quarter Modules to Prosafe

By MarEx 2012-04-30 12:29:52

ALMACO has successfully delivered a high-quality Living Quarter to Prosafe Offshore Ltd. The total weight of the construction is abt. 1,000 tons which consists of four separate accommodation modules. These accommodation modules have 211 cabins, office areas, a cafeteria, public toilets and local equipment rooms. The new accommodation modules will replace the existing accommodation containers on Prosafe’s Safe Caledonia vessel that currently operates in the UK Sector of the North Sea. ALMACO handled the loading out of the modules onto a transportation barge that will take them to Poland where they will be lifted onto the vessel in late June. The new Living Quarter is classified by DNV and it is designed and built to meet UK HSE standards.

ALMACO carried out the engineering and construction process according to the stringent quality control requirements set by Prosafe. ALMACO’s strength in building high quality accommodations was greatly valued by Prosafe, who has expressed its satisfaction with ALMACO’s workmanship and professionalism.  “Our 14-year history of building cruise ship accommodation areas has made us into a company that delivers superior quality at a competitive price” says Mikael Hedberg, ALMACO’s COO.  “We hear from offshore companies how important high quality accommodation spaces have become for them as well”, Hedberg continues. All cabins and offices were pre-fabricated prior to loading them onboard, therefore allowing each one of them to be inspected and tested before they were lifted on the structure.

The project was handled by ALMACO’s Finland office that had a permanent site team at the construction location. Kaj Casén, ALMACO’s project manager, is proud of his team’s cooperation with Prosafe’s site team and tells that over 250 different reports were sent to the customer and 120 recorded meetings were held during the building process!