Acta Marine Sells Workboats to Jifmar to Focus on Wind Construction Support

Acta Marine workboats
Acta Marine is selling its workboats to focus on offshore wind construction support (Acta Marine)

Published Dec 11, 2023 7:13 PM by The Maritime Executive


Consolidation continues in the offshore services business as different segments of the market continue to transition. In the latest move, French offshore marine contractor Jifmar Offshore Services looks to increase its fleet by a third as it acquires all the workboat activities of the Netherlands’ Acta Marine.

Jifmar and Acta reported the agreement which will see Acta sell 26 workboats along with the crew and operations to Jifar. Started over 50 years ago, Acta has a strong heritage in shallow water projects. However, the company’s strategy is evolving to focus on wind construction support. Acta is retaining its Offshore Wind Construction Support and Walk-to-Work activities which become the focus of the company.

Acta Marine highlights that its strategy is to continue as an owner and operator of an expanding fleet focused on offshore wind construction. It currently has three walk-to-work vessels operating and four more vessels under construction. It expects to take delivery of its new vessels in 2024.

"Together with Acta Marine Workboats, Jifmar will become the world's largest independent operator of workboats. We have now obtained a strong base in the Netherlands, being a center for international workboat activities,” says Jean-Michel Berud, CEO of Jifmar Offshore Services.

With this acquisition, the Jifmar Group becomes a fleet of 72 vessels and more than 550 employees, Berud says it will become the leader in the workboat marine services and a fleet decarbonization pioneer.

Acta Marine's workboat activities will continue to operate from their office in the Netherlands as a branch under the Jifmar brand with the name Acta Jifmar B.V.. The branch will specialize in shallow water and near coastal marine projects.

This deal comes just a week after Dutch-based shipping company Vroon sold its last two SOVs in its offshore fleet, the Vos Stone and the Vos Start, with delivery expected in the first quarter of 2024. CBED, which is acquiring the vessels, cited the strong market demand and the opportunity also to consolidate the market.